New year, new team

So… 2016 was a really tough year. I opened the season strongly and felt I was in good shape things where looking good until unfortunately i damaged my back in a hefty accident at the Swedish championships in Tomelilla that left me unable to walk away from.

It was a huge blow for me and a huge challenge mentally, i was fairly dejected to say the least.  A comeback was the last thing on my mind and this was totally new for me.   It was a really strange feeling that I never felt before.  Normally im straight back to my feet and ready to go but this time i decided to take a “break” from everything.

Within two months, I met my team Castrol Suzuki at a trade show in Cologne, and told them how I felt we agreed to end our contract at the end of 2016.I would also like to thank them for all the support during the year, I know it was a tough one.

Things were looking pretty bad until In early November, I was approached by Jan Heusschen who runs a KTM shop in Holland, just 35 minutes away from where I live. He wondered what I had planned for 2017.  We decided that I would try one of his bikes and see what I thought.  Immediately when I sat on the bike, it felt like i was home!  I Have never really got the feeling on any other bike than the KTM.   

All of a sudden my hunger was back again and it felt so good to be back on an ‘orange bike’ again.

We decided to do a collaboration in 2017, where I will focus on the Dutch / Belgian Championships and then make appearances in the World Championships.

So now im more than stoked to announce that in 2017 you will see me on a KTM for JHMX service.

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