Weather spoils 24MX Honda’s maiden 2015 race – 24MX Pressrelease

Internazionali d’Italia, Castiglione Del Lago


Tuesday, January 13, 2015 — Continuous rain in the days before the event turned the scenic Castiglione Del Lago track into a treacherous and slippery affair. Christophe Charlier’s best result of the day was an 11th place in the Superfinal, good for 9th place in the MX1 class. Team mate Filip Bengtsson recorded two 18th places.

More than 5.000 spectators lined the former GP circuit at Gioiella (Umbria) to witness the second round of the Internazionali d’Italia. For both Charlier and Bengtsson this was their first race of the new season. Although the 24MX Honda riders suffered typical pre-season arm pump throughout the day, Castiglione Del Lago served as an excellent first ‘systems check’ leading up to the opening round of the MXGP World Championship, taking place in Qatar at the end of the month.


Christophe Charlier: “It was quite a difficult weekend to start the season off with! The track was very muddy and we had some problems with the setting of my suspension. In the first moto my start was pretty good, I passed Febvre, Bobryshev and Cairoli in the wave section but I crashed after that. My arms were very painful even from early on in the race. I crashed a second time and had to come in to get new goggles. The second race was more of the same, unfortunately. I started around 20th place, had another crash to finish 11th in the end. However I’m happy that we encountered some of the problems we had now so we can adjust and get ready for when the MXGP season starts.

Filip Bengtsson: “This was not the best start for sure. But I learned a lot about the bike, myself and the team. So we know what we need to improve upon. The results were not what I was looking for, but at least we gained valuable information here. Time practice didn’t go to plan either so I had a bad gate pick. Luckily my start was okay. At the beginning I was behind Searle and Guarneri but I couldn’t keep the pace because I got massive arm pump. After that I was lucky to finish the race. I was behind two crashed riders at the start of the second moto so that cost me some time. For a while I was behind Christophe (Charlier) which allowed me to study his lines. Near the end I made two silly mistakes and I paid the price dropping back to 18th.”


MX1 Overall

1. Philippaerts,
2. Nagl,
3. Van Horebeek,
4. Febvre,
5. Cairoli,
6. Searle,
7. Guarneri,
8. Whatley,
9. Waters,
10. Watson,
11. De Dycker,
12. Goncalves,
13. Maddii,
14. Butron,
15. Bobryshev, 16. Gercar, 17. Christophe Charlier (24MX Honda Racing), 18. Filip Bengtsson (24MX Honda Racing), 19. Krestinov, 20. Bertuzzo, 21. Cavandoli, 22. Lasagna, 23. Della Mora, 24. Cencioni, 25. Ruzzi, 26. Fattori, 27. Ramon, 28. Ciucci, 29. De Bortoli, 30. Michalec, 31. Baudrexl, 32. Prudhomme, 33. Pagliacci

Elite Overall

1. Nagl,
 2. Searle,
 3. Philippaerts,
 4. Febvre,
 5. Cairoli,
 6. Waters,
 7. Gajser,
 8. Paturel,
 9. Butron,
 10. Guarneri,
 11. Christophe Charlier (24MX Honda Racing), 
12. Van Horebeek,
 13. Van Doninck,
 14. Getteman,
 15. Bobryshev,
16. Goncalves,
 17. De Dycker, 18. Filip Bengtsson (24MX Honda Racing), 19. Gercar, 20. Maddii, 21. Watson, 22. Lundgren, 23. Zecchina, 24. Whatley, 25. Krestinov, 26. Pezzuto, 27. Ivanov, 28. Furlotti, 29. Baranov, 30. D’Angelo, 31. Van Der Vlist, 32. Croci, 33. Furbetta, 34. Lapucci, 35. Van Heugten, 36. Bertuzzo, 37. Kratzer, 38. Paganini, 39. Tropepe


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